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November 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

Why should architects love our versatile flooring? Design flexibility for one. Easy installation is another. This newsletter article delves into several other reasons as well. Includes link to download our new ebook on selecting flooring for your lab or clean room.

November 2018 – ESD Flooring e-newsletter

This ESD flooring newsletter shares some new additions to our offerings. First, the 8400 series. Next, we've improved the technology on our SelecTile ESD flooring, which can be installed completely by hand.

October 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

SelecTech will be an exhibitor at the Connectcut Buildings & Grounds Association show on November 6. Check out the exhibit's website for more information.

October 2018 – ESD Flooring enewsletter

StaticStop has a new glue-down flooring--Ground Floor™ Glue-Down Vinyl. Learn how this glue-down flooring provides an ESD option. Also, how do you decide between glue-down flooring and interlocking? This newsletter describes one criteria, portability, has a tremendous impact on your ESD flooring decision.

September 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

Commercial flooring is a specialty. One SelecTech has specialized in for 25 years. Read more about our story.

September 2018 – ESD flooring newsletter

Not many companies that specialize in static control flooring are celebrating a 25th anniversary. StaticStop is the exception. You can read more in our monthly enewsletter. Include video on how easy it is to install our static control flooring.

August 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

What you should be asking when considering laboratory flooring? Our commercial flooring newsletter explores laboratory flooring questions. The newsletter includes video explaining our interlocking flooring process.

August 2018 – ESD Flooring e-newsletter

Selecting ESD flooring for static control is a complicated process. SelecTech's new ebook illustrates the questions facilities managers should be asking. It also features an article on selecting ESD flooring that meets EPA standards.

July 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

How do you decide between glue-down and interlock when selecting industrial flooring? This month's enewsletter addresses the questions you should be asking when making that decision. It also includes video of how SelecTech's industrial flooring holds up to forklift traffic.

July 2018 – ESD Flooring e-newsletter

In selecting ESD flooring, do you want interlock or glue-down. While cost may be a factor, there are other things to consider when making this decision. This enewsletter reviews those considerations.

June 2018 – Commercial and Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

SelecTech has gained a strong reputation for lab flooring products. This enewsletter announces its new lab flooring products division. It also mentions use of SelecTech flooring products at athletic facilities

June 2018 – ESD Flooring e-newsletter

Selecting static control flooring involves many considerations. This month's enewsletter addresses aesthetics and maintenance issues involved with making a wise and cost-effective decision on static control flooring product.

May 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

This month's newsletter discusses SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli's speaking engagement at the New England Buildings and Facilities Management Show in June. The newsletter also announces SelecTech's new domain, selectech.com.

May 2018 – ESD Flooring e-newsletter

Downtime? Does it keep you from installing the new ESD flooring your company so badly needs? This month's newsletter focuses on the operational questions you should be asking when considering replacing or installing ESD flooring.

April 2018 – ESD Flooring e-Newsletter

This newsletter features a continuation of the discussion of regarding consideration when installing ESD flooring. The issue also includes a bylined article by SelecTech President Thomas Ricciardelli.

April 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring e-newsletter

SelecTech recently joined the Association of Facilities Engineers. Facilities engineers have long seen the value of interlocking flooring for access floors and other applications. Additionally, this edition showcased a bylined article by SelecTech's Thomas Ricciardellis sharing our company's origins.

March 2018 – ESD Flooring e-Newsletter

Selecting a static control flooring for your facility requires an inventory of the physical properties of your building. In this e-newsletter, SelecTech reviews those criteria. The e-newsletter also includes a wrap-up of SelecTech's trip to the IPC-Apex conference in San Diego.

March 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring

Labs are one of the hottest markets for interlocking flooring. To learn more about that market, SelecTech will attend the Lab Design Conference in Philadelphia. Also noted in this month's news, the use of our interlocking flooring in the education space.

Feb. 2018 ESD flooring enewsletter

If you're selecting ESD flooring, there are some electrical properties you need to consider. This short article provides guidance on how to select ESD flooring the electrical properties questions you should be asking.

Feb. 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Flooring enewsletter

In this month's commercial flooring newsletter, we address flexible lab design. Find out why our FreeStyle Biotech commercial product has become a favorite with lab design professionals. We also highlight uses of FreeStyle products in flexible lab design projects.

Jan. 2018 – ESD Flooring enewsletter

Selecting ESD flooring means considering several variables:
  • ESD Electrical Properties
  • Physical Properties
  • Installation Considerations
  • Operational Considerations
  • Aesthetics
This ESD flooring newsletter discusses these and other considerations as well as the success of StaticStop sales in Europe.

Jan. 2018 – Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring

This month's commercial flooring enewsletter covers a recent sale to Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions. It also covers how SelecTech's commercial flooring is also used in office space.

Dec. 2017 – Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring

Museum-worthy commercial flooring. FreeStyle flooring was recently installed into the U.S Golf Association Museum and Arnold Palmer Center for Golf History.

Dec. 2017 – ESD Flooring

Here's a short case study involving an ESD flooring installation for a large company known by a three-letter acronym. Also, find out about our ESD flooring applications for cleanrooms and labs.

Nov. 2017 – Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring

Houston, we have a solution. A lab in a petroleum company in Houston chooses FreeStye BioLock, with its interlocking technology, as its flooring solution after Hurricane Harvey. Also, check out a video that demonstrates how our interlocking flooring technology minimizes and eliminates down time.

Nov. 2017 – ESD Flooring

What are some of the things to consider when purchasing ESD flooring? How about: ESD Electrical Properties; Physical Performance Characteristics; Aesthetics; Maintenance Requirements; Operational Concerns; Installation Issues such as Subfloor Conditions; and, of course, Cost.

October 2017 – Commercial Flooring

Nova Dental School has some awesome commercial flooring. Specifically, our FreeStyle BioLock. Also, see how other labs are utilizing FreeStyle BioLock.

October 2017 – ESD Flooring

StaticStop will present its ESD flooring at the SMTA conferences in Guadalajara, Mexico. This ESD newsletter also focuses on StatiStop ESD flooring being used by NASA.

September 2017 – Commercial Flooring

When it comes to selecting flooring, can down time cost you more than the price of the flooring? That's something many businesses have to consider. Here are some other factors to consider when replacing flooring at your business.

September 2017 – ESD Flooring

You want your ESD flooring to reduce static electricity. But it's not the sole criteria for your buying decision. This e-newsletter reviews some other things you need to consider. It also includes a case study on CX Thin Films.

BostonVoyager Interview

New interview with the BostonVoyager

August 2017 – ESD Flooring

Manufacturers face industrial-size flooring challenges, particularly as it pertains to ESD flooring solutions. This issue addresses some of the criteria manufacturers must address: facility size, down time, maintenance, ergonomics for workers, etc.

August 2017 – Commercial Flooring

An MRI center at Brigham & Women’s Hospital at 75 Francis Street in Boston recently received FreeStyle Biolock tiles. The project was initiated and installed by Integrated Interiors, an installer of the Haworth Tecrete access flooring systems.  This issue highlights that installation and use of our tiles in the electronics industry.

July 2017 – ESD Flooring

Shrinking devices and faster processing speeds are making it easier for IT components to be damaged by ESD. This enewsletter focuses on how our ESD flooring can benefit data centers. This issue also includes info on SemiConWest.

July 2017 – Commercial Flooring

The flooring in a hair salon faces challenges that few other commercial floorings do. In this issue, we discuss the results of a stain test conducted with hair dye to demonstrate the resiliency of FreeStyle tiles.

June 2017 – ESD Flooring

In this edition, we feature our newest product, FreeStyle ESDPlus Designer series. This tile offers improved aesthetics with a polyurethane/ceramic finish that’s as attractive and easy to maintain as it is effective in addressing static electricity. June's issue also looks at use of our ESD flooring in the aerospace and defense industries.

June 2017 – Commercial Flooring

In this edition, we feature our newest product, FreeStyle ESDPlus Designer series. This tile offers improved aesthetics with a polyurethane/ceramic finish that’s as attractive and easy to maintain as it is effective in addressing static electricity. This issue also covers, pun not intended, access floors.

May 2017 – ESD Flooring

In this issue, we provide a preview of topics to be covered at EOS/ESD Symposium, September 10-15, at the Westin LaPaloma Resort in Tucson, Arizona. SelecTech will have a booth at the show. This edition also covers ESD flooring in the automotive and transportation industries.

May 2017 – Commercial Flooring

In this issue, SelecTech offers helpful pointers on how to select commercial flooring utilizing five criteria--Durability, Maintenance, Versatility, Variety and Quick installation. Also featured in this edition is our expertise with commercial flooring for healthcare facilities.